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I recently purchased a 2017 Yamaha YXZ1000R. The first ride out the battery failed to charge and we were trapped deep in the woods with no cellular service and walked out. A very troubling ordeal for the first ride out. The dealership, Mid State Motorsports, Cookeville, Tennessee replaced the battery at no charge and I was thankful.

Went on another ride the next weekend with no issues. Hopeful that this unit was as good or better than the Polaris product I owned previously. I asked the sales rep when I bought the unit if the clutch held up well under the rocky, hilly, difficult terrain we have here in Tennessee and he assured me that there was no comparison between Yamaha quality and Polaris. This eased my mind.

Now, our third ride out, went to some of the more difficult riding areas we frequent and the YXZ performed wonderfully over some serious climbs and some very muddy trails. About 15 miles in and away from any cellular service we went thru a very mild looking Mud-hole and proceeded to get stuck. a few tries to get out and I realized the wheels were not spinning, we were stuck. Clutch gone and we were a long way from home. It was a horrendous walk out and we had a very difficult time towing the unit out. All of this and less than 100 miles.

Not to worry, we have warranty. Had to be a defective unit. So I took the YXZ to my dealership where we bought it and was informed the clutch was gone, as I surmised. I was also informed that the clutch was not covered under warranty as it is a wearable item. This unit had less than 100 miles when we had the failure. If the clutch could not stand up any better than this then it should not be in a unit of this type. I am very disappointed and I plan to let my feelings and experience with how I have been treated be known every possible venue I can find if the factory warranty does not fix my YXZ under warranty. I was told that the remedy was a gear reduction kit and a Rekluse clutch to the tune of $2800 bucks, this on top of the $ 22000 I just spent on the supposedly "awesome"YXZ. I was then told I could get the Rekluse kit and a new clutch for the price of $1385 Installed and that since I just bought it they would fix it for $1300 tax and all since it only had around 100 miles. While I appreciate the effort, this is not a satisfactory solution to the problem.

While I also realize that products such as these are difficult to warranty and do get a fair share of abuse above that of normal power sports products, the fact that it had so little use and broke is downright unacceptable, especially for a product from a company with such an awesome lineage and reputation for making some of the best off-road products in the world.

I hope your company, with the reputation it has for customer satisfaction, will help me in this matter. I want to be able to continue to stand behind your brand. My first Yamaha was a 1970 DT1 250 enduro and I still have several vintage Yamaha's in my stable that we race in vintage MX.

I work in the automobile industry and I am a sales manager for a Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram store in central Tennessee. Our dedication to customer satisfaction would not allow us to let an issue like this slip by without taking care of the customer and our franchise would be in jeopardy if we were to try and not insure our customers were taken care of, especially if our product was still under warranty.

I look forward to your response to this complaint.


Greg LaRue

Sales Manager

Jason Lewis Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Jamestown Supercenter

471 North Main Street

Jamestown, Tn. 38563


Cell phone 931-349-5453

Phone 931-752-2886

Fax 931-752-2893

Proof of purchase available upon request

Unit purchased 201 Yamaha YXZ1000R in red and black (see photo)

Product or Service Mentioned: Yamaha Motor Motorcycle.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

Preferred solution: this should be fixed free of charge under warranty.

Yamaha Motor Cons: Quality is suspect, Clutch failure less than 100 miles.

  • Poor Warranty
  • Clutch Failure
  • Poor Customer Sevice
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I absolutely can't imagine why you posted so much personal information to an open internet website. Or why you tied your employer's good name to a personal situation of your own doing.

One of those things you bought ridden by a trespasser sank 1/2 way into the mud around our pond after destroying large portions of the perimeter with tire tracks.

No, we didn't help free it, we gave him 15 minutes to get it out of here before we have him arrested and charged with felony property destruction - which was promised to happen automatically if I ever saw (or heard) the trespasser again. I hope you ask permission or stay in designated areas.